EAAE events

The European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) and the Agricultural Economics Society of Ireland (AESI) share a common interest in promoting the agricultural economics profession, to foster scientific capacities in all areas relevant for agriculture, the food sector, rural development and natural resources and to promote the exchange of experiences, ideas and information on research activities between agricultural economists.

There are a number of EAAE workshops taking place in 2022

Experimental and Behavioural Economics Research in Agri-Food and the Environment, 8-9 Sep, Zagreb, Croatia

Sustainability via biodiverse agri-food value chains, 14-15 Sep, Crete

Greenhouse gas emissions in the EU agriculture and food sector – potential and limits of climate mitigation policies and pricing instruments, 5-7 Oct, Berlin, Germany

AgEconMeet – Early career development seminar for agricultural economists in Europe, 5-7 Oct, Goettingen, Germany

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