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Contributed Paper Session 1 (2 parallel sessions)

Food Economics & Marketing

Chair: Alan Collins

Who do you trust about nanotechnology? An application of the best-worst scaling technique.

S. Erdem

Towards a better understanding of consumers’ sensory preferences: the value of attitudinal research instruments.

D. Sorenson & M. Henchion

How accepting are Irish consumers of new food technologies?

E.J. Dillon, M. Henchion, S. McCarthy, G.Greehy, M. McCarthy & G. Williams

Food choice attitudes and motives of cheese consumers.


S. McCarthy, M. McCarthy, L. McKeown, J. Walton & A. Flynn


Production Economics

Chair: Paul Kelly

The associations of management and demographic factors with technical, allocative and economic efficiency of Irish dairy farms.

E. Kelly, L. Shalloo, U. Geary,
A. Kinsella, F. Thorne &  M. Wallace

Estimating the elasticity of demand and the production response for nitrogen fertiliser.

J. Breen, D. Clancy, T. Donnellan & K. Hanrahan

Is the Irish model of dairy farming economically sustainable?

T. Donnellan, T. Hennessy, M. Keane & F. Thorne


Tea/Coffee Break


Chair: David Stead

Plenary Session 1:
Agricultural Policy

Discussion Paper:  The next CAP reform post-2013 - implications for Ireland

Prof. A. Matthews (TCD)


Contributed Paper Session 2 (2 parallel sessions)

Natural Resource Economics

Chair:  Trevor Donnellan

The role of the marine sector in the Irish national economy: an input-output analysis.

K. Morrissey and C. O'Donoghue

The geography of latent classes: the role of distance decay.

D. Campbell, S. Hynes, C. Buckley, E. Doherty and D. Norton

The merit order effect of wind generation in the Irish electricity market.

A. O'Mahony and E. Denny

Farm Households

Chair: Michael Wallace

Determinants of off-farm labour supply among farm households: The role of perceptions regarding the non-pecuniary benefits from farming.

P. Howley & E.J. Dillon

The distributive impact of the economic recession on farm households in Ireland.

C. O’Donoghue

Measuring the impact of trade policy reform in Ireland: a disaggregated analysis of household impacts.

C. Miller, O. Boysen, A. Matthews, T. Donnellan &  C. O’Donoghue




Contributed Paper Session 3 (3 parallel sessions)


Rural Development

Chair: Karyn Morrissey

To plant or not to plant? How farmers make decisions on afforestation.

S. Duesberg, A. Ni Dhubhain and D. O’Connor

Rural households’ experience of access to public services in Northern Ireland.

N. Connolly, C. Jack and  D. Anderson

Social farming in Ireland: bridging the gap – from a community of practice to a boundary organisation.

A. McGloin, D. O’Connor and J. Kinsella

Agricultural Policy & Prices

Chair: Kevin Hanrahan

A review of farm structure and agriculture policy in Canada and comparisons to the EU.

W. J. Brown

Agricultural policy in hot, dry summers: lessons from a case study of Ireland in 1976.

D. R. Stead

Managing volatility and risk to enhance cashflows through the agribusiness supply chain – a practitioner’s perspective.

D. Stack

Innovation & Agribusiness

Chair:  Danny Campbell

Problem solving innovation systems and the Irish dairy sector.

K. Heanue

Milk transport options for an expanded dairy industry post milk quota removal in 2015.

C. Quinlan, L. Shalloo, M. Keane and D. O’Connor

Innovation in the food sector: the good, the bad and the difference.

M. Henchion, G. Kavanagh, G. Williams & M. McCarthy


Tea/Coffee Break


Chair: Fiona Thorne

Plenary Session 2: Sustainability from Farm to Fork 


Wilfrid Legg (formerly OECD)

Green Growth – the new paradigm for agriculture?


Prof. Anna Davies (TCD)

Kitchen stories: imagining eating practices in 2050


(followed by general discussion)