Wednesday April 1st – AES Conference Day 2 (AM)




Contributed Session 4

Climate Change


Prospects For Climate-Friendly Peatland Management - Results Of A Socio-Economic Case Study In Germany

Lena Schaller & Jochen Kantelhardt

The Non-Permanence Of Optimal Soil Carbon Sequestration

Werner Hediger

New Responsibilities Of Agriculture: Structural Differences In Stakeholder Networks & Intentions Towards Climate Change Abatement Strategies In Peatland

Rico Hübner & Jochen Kantelhardt



Food Production, Distribution & Culture: Public Views, Interests & Concerns.

Beata Kupiec-Teahan, Philip Leat, Cesar Revoredo-Giha

Consumers Attitudes Toward Labelling Of Ethical Products: The Case Of Organic & Fair Trade Products

Azzurra Annunziata, Sara Ianuario, Paola Pascale

Rural Development


Prospective Structural Analysis: An Application To Rural Development Strategies

Ambrosio Albalá, M., Martín Lozano, J.M., Pérez Hernández, P.P.

Regional Development Options On A Local Scale Beyond 2013 – The Case Of Caithness And Sutherland (UK)

Holger Bergmann & Kenneth J. Thomson



Agricultural Policy In The US and The EU: Going Their Separate Ways?

Julian C.R. Binfield, William H. Meyers, Wyatt Thompson & Patrick Westhoff

An Analysis Of The Effect Of CAP Reform On The Irish Agriculture Sector

Peter Howley, Trevor Donnellan & Kevin Hanrahan

Public Health Impact Of A Fat Tax Policy In England & Wales

Matthieu Arnoult, Richard Tiffin & Bruce Traill



Tea/Coffee Break (Atrium)



Presidential Address

Professor Alan Swinbank EU Policies on Bioenergy, and their Potential Clash with the WTO



Contributed Paper Session 5

Climate Change


Marginal Abatement Cost Curves For UK Agriculture, Forestry, Land-Use & Land-Use Change Sector Out To 2022

Dominic Moran, Michael Macleod, Eileen Wall, Vera Eory, Alistair Mcvittie, Andrew Barnes, Bob Rees, Pete Smith, Andrew Moxey

Estimating The Marginal Costs Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Abatement Using Irish Farm-Level Data

James Breen, Trevor Donnellan

Impact Of Greenhouse Gas Abatement Targets On Agricultural Activity

Trevor Donnellan, Kevin Hanrahan & Patrick Gillespie

Sustainable Agriculture


Return To The Hills: Labour Management For Profit & Welfare In Extensive Sheep Farming

Kirwan, Susanne, Thomson, K.J., Edwards, I.E. & Stott, A.W.

What LFA beef & sheep farmers should do and why they should do it.

Duncan Anderson & Paul Keatley

Multiple Goals In Farmers’ Decision Making: The Case Of Sheep Farming In Western Greece

Sintori A., Rozakis S. And Tsiboukas K.



Communication Costs &  Agro-Food Trade In OECD Countries

Štefan Bojnec &  Imre Fertő

WTO Doha Round: Impact Of An Agreement On Agriculture & The Importance Of Sensitive Product Status

Binfield, J.C.R, Trevor Donnellan, Kevin Hanrahan, Pat Westhoff

Agriculture Versus Fish – Norway In WTO

Ivar Gaasland



Wednesday April 1st – AES Conference Day 2  (PM)




Lunch (IMI Restaurant)

Poster Session (Atrium)

2nd Executive Meeting (IMI Restaurant)



Contributed Paper Session 6



Cereal Prices, Bread Consumption & Health In Scotland

Cesar Revoredo-Giha, Chrysa Lamprinopoulou, Luiza Toma, Beata Kupiec-Teahan, Philip Leat And Luca Cacciolatti

Partial Analysis Of The Fruit & Vegetable Sector In Austria

Josef Hambrusch & Erika Quendler

Supply Chains


Business Opportunities In Local Food Supply Chains:  An Investigation In Australia & England

David Pearson &  Alison Bailey

The policy and trade challenges of managing price risk in the EU dairy industry.

Declan O’Connor, Michael Keane and Edel Barnes

Land Use


Forested Farmland and Biofuel Production: Combining Spatial and Economic Data to Estimate the Impact of Land Use-Values on Forestation Rates

Erin Minihan

Measuring the Impact of Policy on Farm Afforestation Rates: an Irish case study

James Breen, Trevor Donnellan, Kevin Hanrahan & Mary Ryan

The Environmental Impacts Of High Crop Prices: An Econometric Analysis  [link removed at authors's request]

Basak Bayramuglu &  Raja Chakir

Agricultural Efficiency


A Nonparametric Kernel Representation Of The Production Function

Grigorios Livanis, Matthew J. Salois, Charles B. Moss

Determinants of the Fallowing  Decision in Kosovo

Johannes Sauer,  Sophia Davidova, L. Latruffe



Tea /Coffee Break (Atrium)



Contributed Paper Session 7

Sustainable Agriculture


How Can Marketing Theory Be Applied To Policy Design To Deliver On Sustainable Agriculture In England & New Zealand?

S. A. Barns, B. E.Willoughby, G. Kaine, R. Lourey & H. Murdoch

Modelling The Entry To & Exit From The Organic Farming Sector

Doris Laepple, Trevor Donnellan, Tom Vanrensburg

Attempting The Impossible? Towards Measurement Of Irish Farm Sustainability

J. Dillon, T. Hennessy, S. Hynes.

Land Use and Ag Prices


Provision Of Environmental Output Within A Multi-Output Distance Function Approach

Francisco J. Areal, Richard Ti, N & Kelvin Balcombe

Modelling The Mitigation Mix: Faecal Indicator Organism & Economic Sustainable Land Management

Allan Butler, Mike Winter, Rob Fish, Dave Chadwick, Chris Hodgson, Louise Heathwaite, David Oliver

Agricultural Commodity Prices & Unit Root Tests

Atanu Ghoshray

Rural Economy


Schumpeterian Innovation In The Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy:  A Look At The Irish Farming Sector

Kevin P. Heanue

Impact Of The EU Farmer Retirement Scheme On Fatal Farm Incident Levels In The Republic Of Ireland 1994 – 2006

David Meredith & John McNamara

Economic Returns To Education For Farm Households

Michael T Wallace & C G Jack

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End of AES Conference