Tuesday March 31st – AES Conference Day 1  (AM)




AES Executive Meeting (IMI Restaurant)   



Registration (Atrium)



Welcome and Keynote Address:

‘A Doubly Green Revolution’
Sir Gordon Conway, Chief Advisor Department for International Development



Contributed Paper Session 1

Climate Change & Bio- energy


Climate Change & Agriculture: The Economic & Environmental Implications Of Extreme Weather Events & Bio-Energy Policy

Anita Wreford, Selim Cagatay, Caroline Saunders

Efficiency Of Biofuel Policies In The Presence Of Environmental Externalities [link to paper removed at authors' request]

Basak Bayramoglu, S. De Cara & J.F. Jacques



A Hedonic Price Valuation Of Urban Green Spaces Using Geographic Information Systems

Johanna Choumert & Clément Delaître

Access To Farmland For Walking In The Republic Of Ireland – The Attitude Of Landowners

Cathal Buckley, Stephen Hynes, Tom M Van Rensburg & Edel Doherty

Expanding Stated Preferences: Augmenting Choice Experiments With Contingent Behaviour Data In The Demand For Recreation

Emma Rowan & Alberto Longo

Agriculture & Rural Economy


Modelling The Rural-Urban Effects Of A Reduction In Farm Support: A Bi-Regional CGE Analysis

Deborah Roberts, Kostas Pouliakas, Demetrios Psaltopoulos And Eudokia Balamou

CAP And Agricultural Convergence Across The EU-15 Regions: Neoclassical Vs. Endogenous Growth & New Economic Geography Approaches

Maria Sassi

Where does the money go?  Estimating the multiplier effects of the Farming Connect Cumbria grant scheme

Steven Thomson and Alan Renwick

Bio Economics


Optimal control of spreading biological invasions: How long should the brake be applied for?

L. R. Carrasco, A. MacLeod, J.D Knight, J.D. Mumford, R.H.A. Baker

Measuring The Economic Benefits & Costs Of Bluetongue Virus Outbreak & Control Strategies In Scotland

A. Fofana,., L. Toma, L., D. Moran, G.J. Gunn  & A.W. Stott

Measuring The Benefits Of Farm Animal Health

Alistair W. Stott, Franz Brulisauer, Fiona Fraser, George J. Gunn



Tea/ Coffee Break (Atrium)



Contributed Paper Session 2



Adverse Selection Impacts Of Farmer Participation In CAP Agri-Environmental Measures: The Case Of The Environmental Stewardship Scheme

Emmanuelle Quillérou & Rob Fraser

Contracting For Biodiversity In Australia

Bronwyn Crowe, Ben White, David Pannell & Robert Lindner

Economic Valuation Of Landscapes: Combining Landscape Ecology & Environmental Economics Methodologies

Tagliafierro, C., Antrop, M. , Campbell, D., Hutchinson, W.G., Longo, A., Van Eetvelde, V.



Drivers of Current World Food Prices and the Effects on Food Consumption Expenditures in China and India

Caroline Saunders

Socio-Economic Factors Influencing Adoption Of Fertilizer For Maize Production In Nepal: A Cast Study Of Chitwan District

Pashupati Paudel, Arjun Kumar Shrestha, Atsushi Matsuoka

Variety Selection and Farmer Preference Based on Economics Return per Hectare in Durum Wheat

İ.Özberk, H Kılıç,  Özberk, A Atlı,B Karlı

Agricultural Efficiency


The Determinants Of Efficiency In Irish Agriculture (1996-2006)

Thorne F, Carroll, J, Greene, S, O’Donoghue, C, Newman, C

Farm Performance In Central & Western Europe: A Comparison Of Hungary And France

Jozsef Fogarasi &  Laure Latruffe

Examining The Relationship Between Production Costs, Profit &  Calving Seasonality Using Irish Dairy Farm Data.

Paul Smyth, Laurence Harte & Thia Hennessy

Supply Chain


Do Asset Specific Traceability Investments Reduce Procurement Costs?

Alessandro Banterle, Diogo M. Souza Monteiro, Stefanella Stranieri,

Do Sales Matter? An Exploration Of Discounting Behaviour In UK Food Retailing

T.A. Lloyd, C.W. Morgan., S. McCorriston & E. Zgovu

Investigating Thai Shopping Behaviour: Wet-Markets, Supermarkets & Food Safety

Matthew Gorton, Johannes Sauer & Pajaree Supatpongkul



Tuesday March 31st – AES Conference Day 1  (PM)




Lunch (IMI Restaurant)

Poster Session 1




Parallel Symposia




Alternative Approaches to paying for Environmental Services

Convener Alan Renwick with contributions from Gerald Schwarz (Humboldt University) and Stephen Chaplin (Natural England)



EuroChoices Symposium on CAP Reform

Convener John Davis with contributions from Hervé Guyomard (INRA( and Vincent Recquillart (INRA)




Tea/Coffee Break (Atrium)



Contributed Paper Session 3

Land Use


Linking Biodiversity, Land-Use & Incomes At The Farm Level: An Interdisciplinary Modelling Approach.

N. Hanley, M. Dallimer, K. J. Gaston, P. Robertson, P. Wilson, & P. R. Armsworth

The Impact Of Changing Agricultural Policies On Jointly Used Rough Pastures In The Bavarian Pre-Alps  – An Economic & Ecological Scenario Approach

Norbert Roeder, Dirk Lederbogen, Juergen Trautner, Ariel Bergamini, Silvia Stofer, Christoph Scheidegger

Structural Agricultural Land Use Modelling

Carlo Fezzi & Ian J. Bateman

Resource Economics


Flood Risk –  Prevention & Impact On Agricultural Lands

Klaus Wagner

Policy Implementations For Organic Agriculture: A Real Options Approach

Tzouramani I., Liontakis A., Sintori A., Karanikolas, P.  & Alexopoulos G

Trade-Offs Between Conflicting Animal Welfare Concerns & Cow Replacement Strategy In Out-Wintering Scottish Suckler Herds

Bouda Vosough Ahmadi, Colin Morgan, Alistair W. Stott

Dairy Sector


Innovation Behaviour at the Farm Level: Selection and Identification Johannes Sauer & David Zilberman
Milk Retail Sales Patterns In A Transition Economy: The Case Of Hungary Lajos Zoltán Bakucs, Imre Fertő
Gaining from Improved dairy cow nutrition: economic, environmental and animal health benefits David Colman & David E Beever

Rural Development


The Irrational Choices Made By Farmer’s Wives: An Analysis Of The Farm Family As An Economic Unit

Izzy Warren-Smith

Turning Around Peripherality’: Economic Change In West Cork, Ireland, Since C. 1960

David R. Stead

Transport Mobility & Accessibility To Services In Rural Scotland – A Case Study From Aberdeenshire

Eva Noack



Annual General Meeting of the Agricultural Economics Society



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